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Entrance Hall

The hall contains beautiful 17th century still lives by Abraham Brueghel, and a portrait of King Louis XIII of France whom was Charles I brother in law.

Entrance Hall Image


The elegant ballroom contains many portraits of the Lowther family, including one of the notorious wicked Jim Lowther, the 1st Earl of Lonsdale.

Ballroom Image

Dining Room

On the beautiful silk wall covering, hang two portraits of Charles I, including the famous ‘Clouded Majesty’, a fascinating portrait of Charles and his son, the future King James II, both of whom were forced from the throne.

Dining Room Image


The exquisite fire screen was once part of the Elizabethan screen separating the Great Hall from the Chapel. Books date from the 16th century and include Charles I own book, the ‘Eikon Basilike’.

Library Image

Piano Room

Once the Billiard Room, it now houses a collection of early and unusual pianos from the British Musical Museum and other musical instruments from around the world, assembled by the present owner.

Piano Room Image

Pytchley Room

Now used for meetings and conferences, this room contains an interesting collection of sporting pictures.

Pytchley Room Image


The main sitting room of the House, the Boudoir, contains pictures of the ruins of the original Palace and of King Charles’ imprisonment, as well as photographs of members of the Royal family whom have visited.

Boudoir Image

Inner Hall

The Inner Hall is part of the suite of rooms along the garden front, with pictures of Istanbul, and Wilton Castle, the Lowther family’s former home.

Inner Hall Image