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What’s on your dinner plate doesn’t get there by magic. It gets there by farming and nature working together. At Holdenby, we’re proud of how we get both going hand in hand.

Our farm is alive with wildlife, butterflies, bugs, bees, birds, and badgers…and still grows enough wheat to make 4 million loaves of bread and enough oilseed to make 270,000 bottles of vegetable oil.

On this exciting new project, children can see how our crop fields are surrounded by natural hedges and specially planted headlands to encourage birdlife. They can listen to the birdsong in our quiet woodlands and find out what else lives there. DIp into our pond for water life, and find the worms in our soil that help make it fertile.

Then go down to our farm and see all the different sorts of grain and find out how it’s turned into all sorts of food.

This exciting new project covers all stages of the National Curriculum and is adaptable to suit all ages.


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