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Where your food comes from

What’s on your dinner plate doesn’t get there by magic. It gets there by farming and nature working together. At Holdenby, we’re proud of how we get both working hand in hand; and with our Outdoor Education programme, we are going to show you how.

In our New Pineapple Farm school, you’ll learn about all the crops we grow and what they make and find out how many million loaves of bread are made from our wheat and how many bottles of vegetable oil we get from our oilseed..

You’ll see how our specially planted headlands and mature hedges surrounding our crops are alive with more birds, insects and
wildlife than almost anywhere else around. .and learn how they help our crops.

And you’ll have hands on experience of nature & farming working together, planting seeds, spotting birds and looking for the worms that improve our soil.

It’s a fun and fascinating day, that covers all key stages of the National Curriculum and is adaptable to suit all ages.

Land usage: see the land for yourself and the food it grow

Environment: how we farm to protect all insects, wildlife, plants and trees.

Sustainability: how we farm to maintain good soil structure

Crop rotation: from our farm to your school allotment

Habitats: how our hedges and headlands provide natural habitats

Conservation & Sustainability: for all plants and wildlife on our farm

Life cycles: from examining and planting seeds to hedgerows, ponds and wildlife

Water Transpiration: through crops and other plants.

Landscape: how farming has changed & shaped this.

Diversification: how we’ve changed the way we use our farmyard


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