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Hi everyone, Dave here at Icarus Falconry!

August 09 2022

What a summer we are having! each Saturday and Sunday we are not only meeting many wonderful and interesting people we are also seeing families return again and again, which is really great to see.

If you haven’t been along to see us yet, let me give you a rundown of what to expect at the Falconry Centre: You will be able to see our wonderful and immaculately kept collection of Raptors from around the world, the tiny Burrowing Owl and the mighty Golden Eagle, you can take in our British Wildlife menagerie where you will see some of the UK’s most wonderful species from tiny Harvest Mice, to our super tame Fox, ‘Roxy’. We even have some utterly amazing stars such as Great Crested Newts and Britain’s rarest reptile the Smooth Snake (all captive bred of course!) Four times each day we either fly birds of prey above the magnificent House or have interactive, fun and educational wildlife talks within the centre. It is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

What’s new? Well, September 3rd is going to be a special day because it is International Vulture Day! We will be flying our vultures for you to be in awe of how they soar above and you will leave realizing these birds are not the ugly things you thought they were!!

On August 18th I am due to take a 300 mile round trip to collect our captive-bred baby Polecat and he will be on display as soon as possible for you to learn about this remarkable animal.

DO NOT MISS THIS! VIsit us on Saturday 3rd September and learn about these wonderful birds!