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September 26 2023

This pioneering initiative aims to cultivate a richer understanding of how farming and nature work together and understand where our food comes from.

“Our new outdoor education program represents our commitment to promoting education beyond the traditional classroom” says Jackie Evans, Head of Education.

Through interactive hands-on outdoor experiences, we hope to educate students to provide a better understanding and connection to the natural environment.

This project is suitable and adaptable for all ages and abilities and covers all key stages of the national curriculum.

Key Highlights of the Outdoor Education Department

· Environment: how we farm to protect all insects, wildlife, plants and trees.

· Landscape: how farming has changed and shaped this.

· Sustainability: how we farm to maintain good soil structure

· Habitats: how our hedges and headlands provide natural habitats

· Water transpiration through crops and other plants.

· Conservation & sustainability; for all plants and wildlife we have on our farm.

· Life cycles; from examining and planting seeds to hedgerows, ponds and wildlife.

· Crop rotation; from our farm to your school allotment.

· Diversification: how we’ve changed the way we use our farmyard

· Where your food comes from

· Land usage: see for yourself the land needed to grow your food.

Our Education Department held a launch event on Tuesday 12th September to officially open the Outdoor Centre and to recognize and say Thank you to our partners who all generously gave time and money to help bring this program to life.

A special thanks goes to the Davidge Usher Trust who kindly donated a grant that contributed to enable us to repair our old Pineapple House to make a center for children to visit.

The Chairman of the Trust attended the ceremony and officially opened the Pineapple House.

A representative from the Trust said “We are really pleased we were to be able to support such a great initiative to assist farming education within the community”

For those interested in participating or learning more about the Outdoor Education please contact: