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Life Below Stairs

It is 1891. Lady Annaly, the owner of Holdenby House is hiring servants to run the household. You may be under the strict supervision of:

  • Mrs Bumbridge, the fierce housekeeper, who will tell you precisely what she expects.
  • Mrs Crumpet, the cook, who will teach you how to cook and will expect help in her kitchen.
  • Mr Rhett, the severe butler, who rules the servants with a rod of iron.
  • A housemaid or Mr Legg, the footman, who will instruct you in their duties.

Children from the workhouse will be taken around the house, allocated jobs, told their conditions of service and taught deportment and manners. In the afternoon they will present themselves to her Ladyship.

This project covers various aspects of the National Curriculum KS1 and KS2


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